Assembly Air Conditioning Unit

It is a kind of air treatment equipment which realizes air treatment by a variety of air treatment function segments to meet the relevant requirements of users, according to different processing requirements, which can be equipped with primary effect filter, preheating section, back fan section, one return wind section, mixing section, secondary return air, heating, cooling and dehumidification, humidification, noise elimination, blower, medium efficiency fillet, and sub-high efficiency filter to realize the function such as temperature, humidity, cleanliness etc.The products are mainly used in various industries such as enterprises, business working, office, medical area etc. required to achieve artificial environment.

Product Applicaiton

  • Assembly Air Conditioning Units

  • Assembly Air Conditioning Units

  • New Fan Units

  • Nuclear - Grade AC Applied in Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

  • Chachoma Nuclear Power Plant AC Units

  • Hanging-type New Fan Units applied in Russian Troitsk Power Plant

  • AP1000 Nuclear Power Plant Public Area -Cooling Units

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