Dry-type Air cooler

Generally it will strengthen the heat transfer outside piping by the means of the ambient air as the cooling medium and by heat transfer area entended relying on the fin tube, as well as take away heat by air temperature rise after the air across the fin tube to achieve the purpose of cooling, condensing the heat fluid inside the pipe.

Air will be available to acquire as a cooling medium; when the dry air cooler is used, the plant selection is basically not limited by water source; air corrosion is low, special scaling measures shall be unneccessary,the operation cost is low due to air cooling pressure reduction; air cooling system maintenance cost is low, which is generally 20% ~ 30% of water cooling; and the environmental pollution is also low.

Generally it is used in the occasion where the terminal temperature of medium shall be higher than the environment design temperature 10-15 ℃ or more.

Product Applicaiton

  • Packaged Products Exported to Beia of Iran

  • Applied in Yongping Refinery

  • Applied in Yangzi Petrochemical

  • Applied in Jinxi Petrochemical

  • ProductsExported to South Pars of Iran

Typical Cases

  • The first domestic IncoIoy825 air cooler

  • CNPC’s first set of 10-million-ton grade refinery in South of China

  • The first domestic high pressure air cooler with surfacing with band-electrode

  • The first domestic high-pressure composite plate - 825 air cooler

  • The first domestic double plug high pressure air cooler (the largest domestic residual oil hydrogenation unit)

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