HAC has accumulated profound foundation with 66 years of development; generations have been struggling and pursuiting to create more than 50 China’s first; As a stockholding listed company, HAC would further adhere to the integrity, co-operation, mutual benefit, win-win concept and stick to the responsibility and obligation for shareholders.

Standing in the new period of development, HAC would revitalize national industry as own duty and create national brand as the driving force as well as contribute to country and repay society as mission, persist on realistic and pragmatic, exploration and innovation, struggled onwards, persistence, people first, diligent and tireless to constantly improve the innovation ability and the comprehensive competitiveness, accumulate wisdom and strength and promise to make the state-owned enterprise - HAC much excellent, larger and stronger.

Let’s expecting the future, face the competition, stand up the challenges, seize the opportunity, struggle tenaciously with hundred times of confidence and jointly create a wonderful tomorrow for the development of HAC.

ADD : No.7 Dianchi Street, Centralized District, Yingbin Road, High-Tech Developing Zone, Harbin, China.
TEL : 0451-58699963 / 0451-84674449